Portland Head, 2017 - Portland Stone, 20 Tons
"The Weeping Guardian" - La Casa dei Pesci
One year later, plant life and animal life are thriving.

This 12 tonne carved piece of Carrara marble (The Weeping Guardian) was laid 8 metres down on the sea floor off the coast of Tuscany, at Talamone in the summer of 2015.

It is one of a planned group of twenty five huge more or less carved stones put into the sea as part of a 5 year project to prevent illegal trawling along that coast line.

In due course more great stones will protect a further 130 kilometres of coast which illegal fishing trawlers have been ravaging for many years.
The sea bed there should be an abundance of sea-grass meadows, functioning as a marine nursery, the breeding and feeding place of multitudes. At the moment the sea bed is barren in many places, scraped bare and scarred by the illegal dragnet trawling form of fishing that has gone on in these waters.

Within months of their arrival these stones have become home to myriad life forms, including corals, fish plant life, star fish, crabs et etc, each in turn encouraging more plant life and sea creatures to return.

It's the result of the long time dream of local Talamone fisherman Paolo Fanciulli, (aka Paolo Pescatore), to bring his vision of a restored sea to reality.

This stone guardian of the waters, designed and carved by Emily Young with assistance from Louis Russell and Johnny Cass, will rest there for millennia, doing his quiet work.

More stone carvings will be going down this spring, 2019. (exact date to be confirmed as the installations are weather dependent.).

Emily Young Santa Croce. 2019